Our Final Horror Sequence 2010

Friday, April 2, 2010

Closing Post

It has been an extremely long process and we have all worked so hard over the past few months, however we believe it has all been worth while. We have had such positive feedback and feel our sequence is the best we could have made it.

We are all going to miss working as a group even if we have had our few disagreements!
Overall we've helped eachother out and got on really well and we are all really happy with what we achieved :)

Take a look around our blog you will find all the work really easily if you use the links bar on the right side of this page. It is all the work we have put it in, in order to achieve our goal


Goodbye xxx

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Our Screening

These are pictures we took of our screening of our final media product, FIXATION. We used only one room and layed our table and chairs for people to sit in.

We held the screening on Friday 26th March, we had 61 turn up from year 11, 12 and 13. It was the first time many people saw our final project and we got positive reactions from everyone who came. To advertise our screening we posted a group on facebook and invited everybody to join, we also used word of mouth around our school. Finally we decided that the addition of popcorn and sweets would attract them in.

The purpose off this was to get feedback from our target audience. we printed off questionaires 55 in total and asked everybody to fill them in with their opinions, questionaires is a good way to gather results as it is confidential they didn't have to put their names so people weren't afraid of saying how they felt.



Gender : Male Female

What is the film’s title?

What genre do you think the film is?

Is the film a British, or American made film?

British American

What type of Cinema would you expect it to be shown in? (tick one box)

• Multiplex (Cineworld, Vue, Odeon etc…)
• Independent Cinema (Phoenix theatre)

Who do you think this film is targeted at?


What age group do you think the film is aimed at?

Are the characters easily identified? Who are the main characters? What role do they play?

Describe what happens in the sequence

What do you think the film is about? (themes)

Do you think the opening sequence works? Does it introduce the film successfully, the characters, the genre, the narrative?

What, in your opinion, works well in the sequence?

What could be improved?

Would you want to watch the rest of the film based on what you have seen so far?
Can you rate the opening sequence out of 10.

This is a copy of the questionaire we handed out, as you can see we asked questions about how they thought the sequence was and we also asked for feedback on how we could improve.This feedback is always helpful as nothing is ever perfect and there is always room for improvement.

This is an example of a questionaire completed by a student during the feedback session.
  • By looking through all our questionaires we soon realised that our opening sequence had gone down really well with rating ranging from 7 to 10 out 10.
  •  Everyone understood key themes and could identify them easily.
  •  The genre and characters came across well and we had lots of good feedback on that.
  • We had repetitive improvements which was to make the kitchen scene shorter and see more of the shed scene. However the reason we did this was so we could convey the OCD really clearly
  • People indentified that it was predominately a male film
  • They picked up that it would be for young adults mainly
  • Finally, the feedback we recieved was very positive with minor improvement, the titles and graphics were really liked so as a group we were very happy with the outcome
The only problem with this screening is that the people who watched it our a couple of years younger then our target audience. This is because we are still students and we don't have access to 50 plus 22 year olds so we decided that the feedback from 16 to 18yr olds is still better then nothing.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Signed Off

We have officially been signed off!! After so much hard work, commitment, re- shoots and over the past 4 months our life being spent in the media block our teacher has finally said that there is no more we can do and she loves it!

We are very pleased with the outcome of our opening sequence, we have alll really worked hard throughout the whole process and we have got on really well as a team

We cannot wait to show our families, friends and to see the reaction at our screening later this week!


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Our Final Title Choices

After creating our sequence and adding in different effects and music the last job that we had left to do was the placement of the titles we chose to
  • Put these titles on a black background and have a white font colour
  • The titles would play over parts of the sequence eg : we would show him counting the cups and saying 1 then we would place a title as he counts 2,3,4 and then cut back to the action
  • This was in order to make our piece quicker and to make it more entertaining as the kitchen scene is quite repetitive.

  • We kept all our titles quite plain and neat to reflect the charcters state of mind with OCD, however the font had a slight weirdness about it to reflect the horror genre. The titles spell themselves out so they come up letter by letter in a precise way:
  • Our main title was the most important title as it tells the audience what the film is called and therefore we really wanted to make this stand out and be really effective. We decided to make it quite simple however to really emhasise what the whole film was about; the obsession with 4; we made A in FIXATION to FIX4TION. Our colour scheme again was kept simple and we only used the colour red to make the 4 stand out and we used an effect on it to make it move.

  • Our Production company was again kept simple, we used a sound effect of birds in the background and green tree productions slowly faded upwards. This title was extremely important as it showed the audience who produced this film and gave our film recognition. Also if people liked our film they would perhaps become more aware of out production company and this would gain us interest

  • Our Distibutor focuses mainly on distributing horror films therefore the font and styple of the text and colours had to reflect that. We again used simple but effective colours and quite an eerie font to suggest horror to the audience. We had a sound effect over the top and this title faded up then down.

  • Overall we learn't that the placement of titles is crucial because you do not want to distract the viewer from the action but you still want them to be really visable. This is why are's work really well because we don't make our audience watch action while titles are showing instead we show them separately but still show them crucial parts of the sequence.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Round up of Editing Week 4

This week spencer was left alone to edit from tuesday til friday, as you can imagine it was alot of pressure put upon him as the deadline was on friday and he was on his own to meet it.

However he managed to do a lot of work by himself, it was lucky that spencer was the one left behind as he is the most skilled editor out of all of us. However even though we were in swanage on a field trip for geography we all managed to contact spencer once a day and answer any question he had or give him any advice.

This week spencer sorted out our music, he didn't like the music choices we gave him so he decided to change it, we trusted him to do a good job, and we are all happy with the final outcome.

Also spencer added an echoing effect of the girl screaming, this makes the scene a lot scarier and brings a dillusional effect to the noise, this matches the picture extremely well as spencer also added a blurry effect, he crossed the shots so one plays on top of another, this is pretty easily done on adobe premier pro but it creates a very professional look. 

WE have now finished editing, i hope you now know exactly what went on.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Round up of Editing Week 3

This week we shave captured all the footage we had took from our back up shoot, we started to work a lot harder this week as we were behind other groups with our work as we had to do a back up shoot and we didn't want to have a big panic when it came closer to the deadline.

We continued to edit during lesson time but we also came in during our free periods aswel, not all of them but a decent proportion of them as we wanted to get as much editing done as we could.  As you can see above we commited ourselves to as many study periods as we could, but not all of them as we needed a balance in our life.

This week James, Ciara and India, did a lot more of the editing, this is because Spencer is going to be left alone next week for 3 days which he'll have to edit by himself, so we decided we wanted to make it as equal as possible.

We sat down in our editing suite together and had a group meeting on what exactly we wanted spencer to do next week, so even though we weren't there we were still contributing. We told him about the speed we wanted the shots to be in the shed scene and we talked about different techniques and effects we could use to add to the sequence, we didn't come up with any final ideas though so we told him to experiment over the next week.

Also when it came to music all three of us sat down and decided on 3 different tracks we would give to spencer so he could choose which one he liked best.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Music: Final Cut

The Music we used for a first edit fitted well with that sequence, however it didn't have the right tempo/feel to it in order to match the second sequence. Therefore to create the desired effect for our final sequence we had to search for some new music.

After hours trawling through the tracks on free play music we eventually found two tracks that when combined fit perfectly with our sequence. 
The music we used creates a long and slow build up, but when overlayed with the second track, the build up became a well constructed action filled piece of music. 

The track we used in our sequence from free play music was called In The Mist